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My name is Angelique Jonelle Harshaw. I’m 19 years old. I love to sing, dance and act. I love to do everything. Between singing, acting and dancing, I love both singing and acting.

I was singing for as long as I can remember. My mom said that when I was 4 I used to wear her ponytail as a wig, put on make up and put on high heels and sing as my alter ego. It was Shana or something like that. Also, I was very dramatic when playing with dolls and pretending like I was crying really hard. I would say things like “You took my boyfriend!!!” and beat up the other girl doll.

My first performance was a church play called “My School Musical” I had a small acting part and was singing in that play. After that, I sung at my church at the time Shabach Temple Christian Center. Shout out to Pastor Rosas and his wife. That was the first time I sung solo at church. I was so nervous I got sick but I pulled through. After that, I joined the Junkyard Dance Crew and was singing on a couple of their tracks and dancing. They are a hip hop dance group that performs around San Diego. Through them, I met Eturnul and I’ve been singing with her ever since. I was on a couple of her tracks and videos. It’s awesome. My mom asked if she could mentor me and she did. I was in a couple of videos such as 805 South Remix, Radical, God or Nothing, Made It….