805 South was originated and created in 1998 by La'tesha Ni'cole Fields "Eturnul", formerly known as Tish-Bab'e. It was an idea that elevated with her and her son working in the community, performing music in a positive fashion and style. 805 South is the group name. 

Current group members are: 

La'tesha Ni'chole, (Eturnul)
Fredrick Lamar,
Angelique Jonelle,
Joshaie Brown Jr (Lil J2 Brown)
& Fre'yonni La'mari (Yonni Arts Studio)

This is a tool to bring the city together and as a whole, to prevent gang violence. Making it possible for every individual, color or creed to become a part of the movement. To be able to represent the community of San Diego, CA, without prejudice.

Creating positive community, business and rebuilding broken family relationships. 805 South is a music group, clothing line and television show that is a fully running positive faith based company. 

We promote positive genres of music and have been a part of several community events in San Diego, CA. 

805 South has received several awards and recognition throughout the last decade, including thousands of hours of community service and volunteer involvement.